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Welcome to Mary Law Private School

Mary Law Private School established in 1968, is the oldest established non-denominational private school in Oxnard, California. This private elementary school serves children from preschool through grade six.

The School is located on the corner of Channel Island Boulevard and Albany Drive just off Highway 1 and is easily accessible to Oxnard, Port Hueneme and Point Mugu residents-get directions.

The School teaches the Carden Curriculum, a curriculum with a proven fifty-year history of success. The Carden Reading Method is based on a total language arts program. The curriculum emphasizes reading and critical thinking. A disciplined phonetic approach to reading produces fluent readers with an abundant vocabulary.

Mary Law students have proven the effectiveness of the system. Stanford 10 achievement test results show that the students are performing far above the average norms.

The teachers at Mary Law Private School, supplement the curriculum in keeping with today's progress. We have no teacher turn over.

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Computer aided instruction takes place daily with students using individual computers for Kindergarten and Elementary Children.

Spanish is taught as a second language to all students from Preschool through sixth grade. We also provide a Music program for children in Kindergarten through the sixth grade.

The objectives at Mary Law Private School are simple. The School provides parents an alternative choice to public education. Preschool Children are being educated while also getting quality care. Unique opportunities for learning prevail in relatively small classes. Respect for others is demonstrated by the special group of individuals who work and learn at Mary Law. Parents feel confident that their children are in a safe nurturing environment.

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Why Choose Us

elementary school teacher

We have a foreign language teacher to give your children a competitive head start in their future.

5 Top Reasons

Mary Law School is awesome!

Bob Smith

Mary Law Private School feels like family and my children are learning so much and this is the most affordable private school.

Dave Dillinger

I can't thank you enough for the quality education my kids get. I've already recommended my friends to enroll their children into your top notch school. Thanks!

Rosa Mendez